Premium Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificates

Separate your website from the rest of the pack with a Premium EV SSL Certificate

In the ever-competitive market that is the internet, companies are always looking for a way to stand out and above the competition. An EV SSL certificate will help you stand out as a website that carries a higher level of trust and legitimacy – in addition to many other benefits that include compliance, better site seals and higher warranties.

Make it Easy for Customers to Trust Your Website

A Premium EV SSL certificate is the highest level of validation an SSL certificate can receive. This means that users can easily verify your company information by clicking on the padlock icon directly next to your URL. Your site users will be able to verify who you are and that they’re on the correct website – establishing an immediate higher level of trust:

 3 More Premium EV SSL Certificate Benefits:

In addition to making it easy for customers to verify your website (and avoid scam websites), Premium Extended Validation SSL certificates also:

1. Higher warranties to protect you in case of an incident.

2. Recognizable dynamic site seals to build customer trust.

3. Recommended by the European Union for all businesses, and required for certain types of businesses (such as banks and financial institutions)

EV is an Investment, Not an Expense

CareSSL, understands that a Premium Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate might be seen as an expense, but it’s not! An EV SSL Certificate is not just an expense, instead it’s an investment into both your business and online presence. This investment in your business and online presence is driven by trust. There’s even scientific research to back up the idea that Premium EV SSL certs are more trusted…


Georgia Tech Research Finds That EV = Safer Websites

Georgia Tech’s Cyber Forensics Innovation (CyFI) Lab studied 2.6 million domains connected to EV SSL certificates, which showed that EV SSL certs are “99.99% more likely to be unassociated with bad cyber actors.” It’s long been known in the cybersecurity community that most phishing-related cybercrimes are associated with SSL certs that need a lower level of validation to obtain. These findings support the value of EV SSL certificates.

This is another reason why users trust websites that use Premium EV SSL certificates more than any other SSL cert validation level.

Is EV for Me?

As we covered, having a Premium EV SSL Certificate doesn’t just secure your website, but having one also has a huge difference on your online presence. The only challenge that you might discover is with regards to the validation required for the Premium EV SSL Certificate. The validation required to get an EV SSL Certificate is not difficult for registered businesses, instead it’s meant to stop shady characters from applying for an EV SSL cert under a fake company name or business. For those interested in the validation process, our team has briefly covered the process for you below:

1. Business Registration – To obtain an EV SSL Certificate you must be a registered business with your government.

2. Operation Existence – The Certificate Authority (CA) will need to verify that your organization has been operating at your registered offices/location.

3. Address Authentication - The organization must have both a physical and business presence in the country.

4. Telephone Verification – Finally, the CA will need to conduct a telephone call using a public telephone number for the organization. This number is most commonly pulled from a Dun and Bradstreet listing and/or a YellowPages listing.

 As mentioned before, it’s not hard at all for a legitimate business to complete the process listed above. With our team of experts, we’ve helped many companies navigate the process quickly and easily—we look forward to helping you as well!

Premium EV SSL Certs for All Budgets

Due to our partnership with the industry leading Certificate Authorities, CareSSL offers the benefits of a Premium EV SSL certificate for a wide range of budgets. Our team has seen all the reasons to turn away from a purchase, but this purchase investment is too good to turn away from. With an increase in conversions, this investment will pay for itself in no time!

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