Care SSL is providing (Re-selling) of SSL Certificates, managed Web Security Applications, E-Mail Encrypt Services and other PKI Solutions for all both Online & Offline Organizations at Prices that can corresponds to your Financial Budgets.

Our Prices are discounted to the tune of 75%-90% that the RSP Prices, to help Web Shop Owners/ Organizations can make a big leap in Internet World.

Abhishek Srivastava is a DIRECT AUTHORIZED PARTNER OF DIGICERT, GEOTRUST, COMODO, GLOBALSIGN and GLOBESSL SSL Certificate Providers and hence provides the SSL Certificates, Managed Website Application (WAS) or Anti-Malware Scan, Email Encrypt at Low cost to you. CareSSL care for your Web Security.

Our Partner Mrs Vijayshri Shrivastava is also Registered Partner with Kaspersky United Partner Program.

We have recently associated with McaFee as a VAR and would also be recommending/ selling their Products.

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CareSSL is Located in India and the contact address is as follows: -

Abhishek Srivastava

JR – 210

Dist:- Sonebhadra - 231 217

Uttar Pradesh - India

India Number:- 00-91-9415232232

Email: -