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What is SSL?

SSL secures data transaction over internet and intranet. SSL use cryptographic service for data transaction. SSL send and receive data in encrypted format. So no one can read real data.  Whether I need a Static IP - YES/ NO and depends upon the type of Hosting/ access of hosting servers you have.


Domain Validated (DV): - Inexpensive, basic protection recommended for personal or hobby sites and small forums that need basic encryption for things like logins, forms or other non-transnational data.

Organization Validated (OV):- Affordable protection for small businesses. Recommended for small- to mid-sized business sites where validation of the company is important. Highly recommended for sites with low-volume eCommerce transactions.

Extended Validated (EV): - Proven to boost customer confidence. Recommended for mid-sized to enterprise sites where visitor confidence is key. A must for websites with transactions for payments, online banking, and eCommerce.


As of now Google check every website  for the SSL Certificates and are ranking the website according to them. You may Loose Google Rank for Not Having an SSL Certificate.. E-Commerce website, Online Shopping Cart, Online Trading website, Online Payment Website, Online data Transfer Website, Email Programs, Online Private content website etc should have them for giving trust to their customers.

What is CSR

CSR: Certificate Signing Request. CSR key is also known as Private Key. We always recoomed to create CSR for www.your-domain-name.com, so it work for both https://your-domain-name.com and https://www.your-domain-name.com

How to Generate CSR

CSR generation process depends on what type of web server and control panel used to manage your website. Please review CSR generation steps on the following Page. Some Hosting Providers also helps in creating the CSR. In case of any problem you can contact us for help.

Can I Renew my SSL or Website Scan with Care SSL?

Yes, you can renew your expiring or expired certificate from Care SSL. No matters, where purchase from. All you can renew with us at special lowest price.

Time to Issue Certificate

Domain verified SSL certificates will be issued in lesser time within 10 Minutes after Domain Verification. For business verified product issuance time please check with product features, or may depend upon verification process.

Information Required for SSL Certificate
CSR : Certificate Signing Request
Contact Person Name
Company Detail : Address, Email, Phone Number
Domain Approval Email Address – viz admin@yourwebiste.com, webmaster@yourwebsite.com

Since the implementation of the GDPR process, SSL Cert approval mails are being sent to these mail defaults only:


Please ensure that you have the following mail id with you, if you are having trouble try to create an alias mail Id or forward mail id.

Documents required for Validating OV & EV Certificates

To qualify for an Extended Validation / Organization Validation SSL Certificate, domain registration details must reflect the full organization name as included on the certificate request. In other words, your organization name must be listed in the certificate request exactly as is found in your Who Is Record.

Official government agency records must include the organization's registration number or the organization's date of registration/incorporation; and the organization's or registered agent's address. This should be the same address that is listed in the certificate request.

A non-government data source (such as Dun & Bradstreet) must include the organization's place of business address as listed in the order. You can search by company name to see your address on file for free.

If the organization has been registered for less than 3 years and has no Dun & Bradstreet record, the CA (e.g. Symantec/GeoTrust/Thawte) will verify that the organization has an active demand deposit account (such as a checking account) with a regulated financial firm.

Your details must be available on country specific Yellow Pages.

Any other details as may be deemed fit by the Certificate Authority to validate your organization.

Above requirements are for information purpose only and Certificate Authority may amend the requirements from time to time on which we have No Control.. Better to check for updated acquirement from respective Certificate Authority before purchasing a Cert from us. 


The default payment option is in $ (USD). In case you want to pay in INR then please select Rs symbol in the Currency selector at the top right corner of the web-page. You may then be able to pay using Indian Payment Provider.

Still Need Help
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