Do I need a Dedicated IP for SSL Certificate


Normally a dedicated IP address is/was a technical requirement for having a SSL installation for your website. 

Thanks to the SNI (Server Name Indication) technology, nowadays it is possible to install multiple SSL certificates using a shared IP address.

Still some of the Host providers has made it a mandatory for having a dedicated IP in order to use a SSL certificate. fr your website  If your website is hosted by a web-hosting company, you need to contact them to clarify whether it is necessary for you to purchase a dedicated IP address or they are able to provide you with SNI technology.

If you are on a self managed we server, please read the server documentation carefully and check whether you need a Dedicated IP address or SNL Technology is available for you.

The main advantage of the SNI technology is possibility of installing multiple certificates and supporting multiple servers on the same IP address, which helps improve security and trust by using unique certificates for different sites, identities and brands

It should however be noted that SNI technology is still having number of incompatibility issues with older browsers and operating systems.

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