Installing SSL in the Dedicated Server

Installing SSL in the Dedicated Server

To Install the SSL for Dedicated Server Hostname (or) All services in Dedicated Server, Please follow the below procedure,

1. Login to the Dedicated Server WHM (Web Host Manager) as Root user.

2. Go to the path,

Home » Service Configuration » Manage Service SSL Certificates

3. There you can able to see 4 services which need to enable SSL and 3 boxes to install SSL certificate

4. Under” Choose one or more services for SSL certificate installation:” check all the checkbox, if you want to enable the SSL for all the services like Website, E Mail, etc. It can also be enable according to your requirement at the later stage.

5. After that in Certificate:” copy and paste the certificate which you got from the SSl Provider”

6. Then in Private Key:” copy and paste the key which you got in the CSR file or if an additional RSA as a Text file.

7. Lastly in Certificate Authority Bundle:” copy and paste the CA Bundle which you got from the SSl Provider” This is optional as in most cases you do not need to supply the CA Bundles. The server will retrieve it from the Public Repository during installation.

8. Click” Install “. Once it is done. The hostname has been installed with SSL. You can access the hostname and other services with ” https:// “.

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