GeoTrust Authorized Resell Partner


100% Refunds on products are available within 7 Days of Purchase.

Any refund before 7 days must be E-Mailed to us with proper details/ order number/ domain address/ signed copy of the letter by the domain address owner & purchaser of the SSL product etc at . Any product subject to a refund request must not be in use, must be un-installed and/or must be deleted. may refuse to cancel and/or refund any order that is in use, not un-installed and/or not deleted. In the event the Customer or any other entity uses, installs and/or undelete's any product or service that is/was subject to a refund request will be re-billed to the Customer and/or will become a debt owed and payable to.

Refunds are not available for any order that has been replaced free of charge with the same or a substituted product, and/or has had a discount or credit applied via a discount coupon code or other method.

No refunds are available after 7 Days of Purchase of the SSL products